Winglets now available for Standard Cirrus!

Schempp-Hirth dealers now offer a winglet mod (TN-278-38) for Standard Cirrus gliders. The cost is about 1,975 euros (2,500 USD). Delivery takes about 3-4 weeks. This is the old Discus winglet design, not Maughmer's.

For more details, go to the Schempp-Hirth website technical note entry point. Select the glider type and click the enter button. Scroll down the page to technical note 278-38. There you will find a list of links to PDF files including the main document, owner manual update pages and an appendix giving the installation instructions.

PowerPoint presentation of winglet performance from Mark Maughmer's design/analysis codes.

Steve Willits' Winglets

The #60 Winglet Project

Jim Hendrix installed custom winglets on #60 and then found that the toe-out angles were wrong. So it became necessary to adjusted the toe-out angles of the completed winglets. His method was to bore a hole vertically through each winglet and its attachment tube, through which he placed a pivot pin, about which each winglet was rotated to the correct angle. He then routed out the attach tubes and fore/aft drag pins. The attach tubes were reset to the correct angles with the winglets on the wings. The winglet roots were reworked to fit the wings properly and the drag pins were reset and the winglets were repainted. It makes an interesting set of pictures.
(See the pictures.)