Jari Hyvärinen's Jet Project

Jari Hyvärinen has begun a project to retrofit a samll Jet engine onto a Standard Cirrus glider. He started with some initial analyses and chose the JET-RPM6006APS engine by JET-RPM.

Fig. 1 shows the model surface Jari is using for his analyss. Fig. 2 shows a flow velocity diagram at 30 m/s (58 kts). Presently Jari has only data for the flow out of the engine, but JET-RPM has promised more data soon. The size of the engine is correct and he has placed the engine above the centre of gravity.

Jari is using LINFLOW software for modeling fluid-structure interaction (FSI). He will be using ANSYS for the structural analysis work.

His plan is the build numerical models of the ship to study the engine's influence on aerodynamics, structure dynamics, aeroelastics, and flight controls. Jari is currently collecting the data that will be required for the project.

Stay tuned for more.