J. H. M. Gooden's Study of the Wortmann FX 66-S-196 V1 Airfoil

In 1978, J. H. M. Gooden conducted an experimental study of the Wortmann FX 66-S-196 V1 airfoil in the Low-Speed, Low-Turbulence Wind Tunnel at Delft University. His report was published at the XVI OSTIV Congress of 1978 and is available in PDF format here. As can be seen in the image below (when enlarged), the FX 66-S-196 V1 is very similar to the root airfoil used on the Standard Cirrus. For all practical purposes, this study is applicable to the Standard Cirrus wing. Even if you are not technically versed in aerodynamics, you will glean from this well written paper useful insights into the handling and performance of your glider.  (Download PDF Report)

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Wing Airfoils

Most sources list the Standard Cirrus airfoil as Wortmann FX S 02-196 mod. Correspondence with Helmut Treiber of Schempp-Hirth has confirmed that the inner wing, from the root to the inboard end of the aileron, is a linear transition zone from Wortmann FX S 02-196 to Wortmann FX 66-17 A II-182. From the inboard end of the aileron to the tip the airfoil remains constant as Wortmann FX 66-17 A II-182.

Root Rib Station: FX S 02-196
from Schempp-Hirth

Outer Panel: FX 66-17 All-182
from Schempp-Hirth

Comparison of Root and Outer Airfoils

Vertical Stabilizer Airfoils

Lower Section: NACA 63-013A
from UIUC

Upper Section: NACA 63-012A
from UIUC

Elevator Airfoil

NACA 65-012
from SNACK software